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Filtration System

Thermic Fluid Filter

Thermic Fluid Filter

Approx. Rs 70,000 / Piece


1.    Centrifugal Cleaner separates carbon soot and other deposit impurities in the oil that help forming layer of non-conductive material on walls of heat exchanger.

2.    Removal of non-conductive material from Thermic Fluid

3.    Installation of centrifugal system is a one time investment. There are no replacement parts except rubber seals for service.

4.    The Dirt separation is based on specific gravity unlike based on size in media filters. Particles with higher specific gravity are generally more dangerous for mother systems.

5.    The system is a by-pass system and does not affect mother system during normal working.

6.    Servicing and trouble-shooting is very easy. A semi-skilled operator can service the assembly when properly trained. The centrifuge rotor needs to be opened and cleaned at every service interval.

7.    There is practically no loss of fluid during servicing.

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Gear Oil Filtration Machine

Gear Oil Filtration Machine
  • Gear Oil Filtration Machine
  • Gear Oil Filtration Machine
  • Gear Oil Filtration Machine

Approx. Rs 50,000 / Piece

Gear Oil Filtration Machine

1) BAPL make Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Model LC50
2) No consumable elements
3) 20LPM gear pump coupled with motor x 2 nos
4) Inbuilt heating arrangement
5) Temperature sensor with controller
6) Oil level sensor with alarm & buzzer indicator
7) Advanced control panel with time
arrangement to suite for the automation
8) Heavy duty portable trolley unit to suite the
industrial applications
9) Powder coated unit
10) Complete compact unit to save the floor space.
11) Inlet & outlet hose pipe 1mtr each.

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Wire Drawing Machine Oil Filter

Wire Drawing Machine Oil Filter

Approx. Rs 40,000 / Piece

•Contamination in oil will lead to generation of more heat in the drawing process which can result in uneven draw on the wire . •Presence of suspended particles reduces the rate of the chemical reactions which breaks down the lubricants and leads to poor wire finish •Contaminated  oil blocks the oil nozzle and creates a defect on the wire. •Contaminated wire drawing oil leads to increased scrap because of the premature wearing of the die and this increases its diameters which results scrap. •Many impurities  conditions influence the degradation of Wire drawing oil and place stress on machinery and moving components. • Due to contaminated oil  some characteristics to provide optimum film strength, lubricity and metal wetting are changed. •Metallic oxide present in the oil may cause scratching, die wear and wire breaks . •Cost implications 15 to 20%

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